Beyond the Name: Exploring the Essence of Brigitte DeLuise

Exploring the Essence of Brigitte DeLuise

Brigitte DeLuise is a public figure known for her husband, David DeLuise, son of the late actor Dom DeLuise.She was born in California, USA, but details about her early life, family history, and education were not disclosed.

Brigitte rose to prominence due to her association with the entertainment industry and her legal disputes with her former father-in-law, Dom DeLuise.

Ex-wife of David DeLuise:

Brigitte DeLuise was previously married to David DeLuise, a filmmaker and actor known for his roles in “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Megas XLR.

Ex-wife of David DeLuise:

The couple tied the knot in September 1994 and had two daughters, Riley and Dylan DeLuise.However, their marriage faced challenges, leading to their divorce in May 2003 after nearly eight years.

How many children does Brigitte DeLuise have?

Brigitte and David DeLuise share two daughters, Riley DeLuise (born August 4, 1993) and Dylan DeLuise (born 1997).

Marriage of Brigitte with David DeLuise:

Brigitte and David tied in a relationship in September 1994 in Los Angeles, with Dom DeLuise and actress Carol Arthur, David’s parents, present at the ceremony.

The couple lived with their two daughters in Los Angeles until their marriage encountered difficulties, ultimately leading to their divorce in 2003.

They had their first daughter, Riley, in 1993  during their courtship. After almost eight years of marriage, they divorced in May 2003.

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Legal action of David’s father against Brigitte:

In 2004, Brigitte DeLuise filed a lawsuit against her father-in-law, Dom DeLuise, for $2 million. She alleged that Dom conspired to cut her off financially, claiming that he worked with his financial advisers to limit her rights and access to funds, including a dispute over the ownership of a West Hollywood home. In response, Dom DeLuise countersued for emotional distress.

Prevalence of Brigitte DeLuise:

Brigitte DeLuise has maintained a low profile after the legal disputes and court rulings. The court initially ruled in favor of Dom DeLuise, stating that there were grounds for the lawsuit filed against Brigitte.

The case, titled “DeLuise v. DeLuise,” was discharged by the Court of Appeal of California on April 28, 2008.

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1. How does Brigitte face emotional distress in her life?

Details regarding Brigitte DeLuise’s emotional distress weren’t extensively outlined by Brigitte. The legal battles with her former father-in-law and the subsequent counter-lawsuit might have contributed to the emotional confrontations. She faces many sufferings in her life.

2. When did Brigitte get judicial separation from her husband?

Brigitte DeLuise and David DeLuise finalized their divorce proceedings in May 2003 after being married for about eight years and seven months.

3. What is the name of Brigitte’s daughter? 

Brigitte DeLuise’s daughters are named Riley DeLuise and Dylan DeLuise.

4. Why are David and Brigitte separate?

The separation of David and Brigitte DeLuise manifested due to marital difficulties, leading to their divorce in May 2003.

5. Is Brigitte DeLuise a tragic character?

Whether Brigitte DeLuise examines a tragic character is subjective. Her legal battles and divorce seem like challenging periods in her life, but individual perspectives may vary.

6. Who is the lawyer of Brigitte DeLuise?

The name of  Brigitte DeLuise’s lawyer is Stevin Zelig, who supports him to take separation and is against the charge of David’s father.


Brigitte DeLuise’s life has been marked due to her association with the DeLuise family, legal disputes, and a relatively low public profile following the court rulings.

The lawsuits and emotional distress during this period remain significant events in her personal history. As she extends to deflect from the spotlight, she doesn’t document her life post-legal disputes.

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