Hendrix Wilburn: A Rising Star’s Journey

Hendrix Wilburn

Hendrix Wilburn was born in the United States in a renowned celebrity family. As the son of American rapper Future (Navyadius DeMun Wilburn) and fitness trainer YouTuber Joie Chavis, Hendrix is part of a dynamic family that captures the public’s attention.  Let’s delve into the details of Hendrix’s life, family, and the unique dynamics that surround him.

A Star is Born:

Hendrix Wilburn entered the world on December 15, 2018, making him a lively Sagittarius.

A Star is Born:
Source: https://www.nytimes.com/

As a young American national of African-American descent, Hendrix is yet to embark on his educational journey, likely being homeschooled due to his tender age.

Future: The Musical Maestro and Proud Father:

Hendrix’s father, Future, is a renowned rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Future, credited with pioneering the trap music genre, boasts a successful career marked by hit albums and collaborations.

Despite his musical success, Future’s personal life, including his relationship with Joie Chavis, Hendrix’s mother, has been a subject of public interest.

Joie Chavis: More Than Future’s Ex:

Joie Chavis, Hendrix’s mother, is a multifaceted personality – a YouTuber, fitness trainer, dancer, model, and entrepreneur.

Before gaining fame, Joie was a backup dancer for various artists, including Future himself.

Her fitness-focused YouTube channel, Joie In Life, and massive Instagram following (@joiechavis) showcase her dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Siblings Galore:

Hendrix is not alone in the Wilburn family; he has eight half-siblings from both parents.

From Future’s side, siblings include Jakobi, Prince, Future Zahir, Kash, Paris, Reign, and Londyn Wilburn.

Shai Moss, born to Joie Chavis and rapper Bow Wow, shares a close bond with her half-brother Hendrix.

 The Eldest: Jakobi Wilburn:

Jakobi, born in 2002, is the eldest child of Future and actress Jessica Smith. He follows in his father’s footsteps as a rapper.

 The Eldest: Jakobi Wilburn:
Source: https://briefly.co.za/

 Net Worth and Future Ventures:

While Hendrix is too young to have a net worth, his father, Future, boasts an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Joie Chavis, with a net worth of approximately $1.2 million, has built her wealth through modeling, social media, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Hendrix Wilburn, the youngest member of the Wilburn-Chavis clan, is set to grow up in the limelight of a celebrity family.

With a musical maestro for a father and a multi-talented mother, Hendrix’s journey is likely to be filled with unique experiences.

As he grows, the world will undoubtedly be watching to see if he follows in the footsteps of his accomplished family members or charts his path in the spotlight.

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