How to remove trojan

How to remove trojan

There are so many benefits associated with this age of technology, but there are its perils too. We are introduced to so many online threats that are doing toxic and detrimental activities. trojan is one of those stealthy intruders that compromise security in different ways. In this article, we will dig into the symptoms and reasons behind the escalation of this virus and will also provide you with the best solutions to combat this issue. 

What is the reason behind the proliferation of this virus?

There are so many reasons that allow this virus to attack your personal information. 

  • Lack of security: The absence of anti-malware and antivirus paves the way for these trojan attacks and destroys the system since this security software is a defense against these trojans and suspicious activities. 
  • Obsolete software: If you do not update your software then it becomes easy for the trojan to attack the system and steal all the information. It is mandatory to keep everything updated including applications to save this risky situation.
  • Social engineering: Social engineering uses different tactics to get unauthorized access to invade the system and steal personal information. 
  • Random and careless browsing: Clicking any random ad or link on your screens increases the chances of trojan attacks. These unverified links and infected files compromise privacy and security. 

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Here we are going to discuss some solutions that would help you to avoid potential trojan attacks.

  • Regular system scanning: System scanning locates the malicious files and detects suspicious codes. It minimizes the damage by deleting infected files. 
  • Email Filtering: Email filtering effectively saves the system from trojan attacks since we get unwanted and malicious links via emails. Then, opening and downloading those files creates havoc. Therefore phishing email detectors in email filers prove to be a blessing 
  • Clearing cookies and cache: Cookies and cache are a big threat to online privacy therefore it is necessary to clear them to mitigate trojan risks. It ends browsing sessions by logging you out and this way protects your privacy.
  • Resetting browser setting to default: Trojans can install browser extensions without user consent which compromises privacy. In this situation resetting the browser to default saves from the harms of trojan.

Step-by-step process of  removing trojan:

Let me walk you through all the steps involved in eradicating the virus from the system. 

Step 1

  • Disconnect computer: First of all, you need to isolate the infected system by disconnecting it from all networks or the internet.

Step 2

  • Restart and boot into a safe mood: The next step is to restart the system and boot into a safe mood. 
  • untickedFor Windows: Continually press the F8 key to access the advanced boot options menu and then select safe mode with networking. Safe mode stops all unnecessary programs and makes the whole process run smoothly. 
  • untickedFor macOS: Press and hold the shift key and wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen. 

Step 3

  • Identify trojan: Then you need to identify trojan by looking at pop-ups, suspicious files, and system slowdowns. 

Step 4

  • Antivirus and antimalware software: It is advisable to use creditable antivirus and antimalware software for removing trojans from the system.
  • Allow a full system scan and let the software identify a malicious trojan and then remove it.

Step 5

  • Manual process: You have another option of manually removing affected files. 
  • Open the task manager and see if there is any unfamiliar process going on. 
  • Right-click on that process and select “end task”
  • Go to the computer file system and delete all suspicious files and folders.

Step 6

  • Restore system setting: Once the trojan is removed, you need to restore the system setting 
  • Look for all features and settings that are disabled by Trojan, just enable them. 
  • Reset your browser setting to default to remove the remaining issue. 
  • Change your passwords to avoid further complications.

Step 7

  • Reconnect to the internet: After removing all corrupted files and trojans reconnect your computer to the internet 

Step 8

  • Monitor: Sometimes trojans return even after removing them so it is better to wait and monitor system performance.

Step 9

  • Implement security measures: Check that your antivirus and antimalware software are updated and avoid clicking suspicious links and email attachments to keep your private data safe.

Step 10

  • Install firewall: The firewall acts as a s protective barrier when it is combined with other security software like antivirus and antimalware. It enhances the performance of this software and hinders outside attackers from entering the system. 

Advanced cybersecurity tools:

Advanced cybersecurity tools are the best protectors against online threats. They provide enormous protection from cyberattacks.

Next-generation firewalls, endpoint detection and response, penetration testing tools, advanced threat intelligence platforms, cryptography tools, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for security and data loss prevention tools are some of the tools that people need to keep their digital assets safe. 


In short, the trojan is the biggest threat that has the potential to cause massive destruction to the system. This article contains the solution to all problems related to the Trojan.

just follow them and avoid suspicious downloads. Always practice safe browsing and keep your software updated to keep your digital kingdom safe and protected. 

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