Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur

Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur

Laura Fuentes, a distinguished food lifestyle entrepreneur and the brain behind MOMables, has carved a unique path in the culinary landscape. Juggling family responsibilities and student debt after earning an MBA from MIT, Fuentes’s story is a testament to resilience and determination.

MOMables Unveiled:

In 2011, fueled by inspiration from her daughter, Laura conceptualized MOMables, a platform aimed at assisting busy moms in turning mealtime into both a delightful and efficient experience. 

This food lifestyle website imparts valuable lessons on incorporating a healthy diet, enhancing sleep quality, and integrating physical activity into daily routines.

A Mother’s Passion:

As a bilingual mother of three, Laura Fuentes, during her leisure moments, indulges in family time, reading, workouts, and travel.

A Mother's Passion:

Her zest for travel is matched only by her passion for crafting healthy recipes, injecting an element of fun into healthy living.

Empowering Busy Moms:

For moms pressed for time, Laura Fuentes generously offers a comprehensive guidebook, providing easy-to-follow recipes, shopping lists, and weekly meal plans.

The guidebook is a valuable resource for parents, including videos, substitution tips, and allergy-friendly recipes.

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MOMables’ Impact:

As the Founder and CEO of MOMables, Laura’s expertise in nourishing children with real, wholesome foods has resulted in millions of monthly page views.

Launched while she was six months pregnant with her third child, MOMables has garnered recognition on parenting sites and The Huffington Post.

Overcoming Challenges:

Laura Fuentes, a food lifestyle entrepreneur, embarked on her journey to help families make healthier food choices while addressing the challenges of a hectic life.

MOMables has successfully aided over 80,000 families in achieving better health through meal plans, diet programs, and recipes.

Beyond Boundaries:

Beyond the confines of her food lifestyle business, Laura Fuentes has authored five cookbooks and appeared on notable TV shows.

Beyond Boundaries:

Her dedication is evident as she shares the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, while continuously working towards expanding her business.

Financial Wisdom:

Fuentes’s success is rooted in financial planning. A hiatus from the corporate world prompted a strategic examination of finances, ensuring stability during her entrepreneurial pursuits. MOMables emerged as a solution to her struggles in preparing nutritious meals for her children.

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Balancing Act:

Despite her thriving business, Laura Fuentes prioritizes her home life. With a commitment to not work after 4 PM, she refuses to let her personal life suffer due to professional commitments.

By assembling the right team and devising a balanced schedule, Fuentes exemplifies the art of harmonizing work and family life.


Q1: What inspired Laura Fuentes to start MOMables?

MOMables was inspired by Laura Fuentes’s desire to find healthy recipes for her toddlers’ school lunches, leading to the creation of a platform that helps families make better food choices. 

Q2: How have MOMables impacted families?

MOMables has aided over 80,000 families in adopting healthier lifestyles through meal plans, diet programs, and nutritious recipes.

Q3: What sets Laura Fuentes apart as a food lifestyle entrepreneur?

Laura Fuentes’s success lies in her financial acumen, dedication to family life, and the strategic balance she maintains between work and personal commitments.

Q4: How does Laura Fuentes manage to balance entrepreneurship and family life?

Fuentes achieves a work-life balance by not working after 4 PM, hiring a dedicated team, and creating a schedule that prioritizes her business and family life.

Q5: What resources does Laura Fuentes provide for busy moms?

Laura Fuentes offers a free guidebook with easy-to-follow recipes, shopping lists, and weekly meal plans, catering to the needs of busy moms striving for a healthier lifestyle.

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