Life Journey Of Amy Allan – Detailed Guide In 2024

Amy Allan

Amy Allan, the renowned medium and co-star of The Dead Files, has captured the fascination of audiences since the show’s debut in 2011. Partnering with former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, Allan delves into paranormal investigations, unraveling the mysteries of haunted locations across America. As her popularity continues to rise, let’s explore the credentials and background of this intriguing reality TV personality.

Amy Allan’s Journey: From Arvada to Paranormal Investigations

Hailing from Arvada, Colorado, Amy Allan’s journey into the world of paranormal activity began in her early years when she reportedly communicated with “shadow people. ” This early encounter ignited her interest in the supernatural, eventually leading her to the University of Arizona. There, she studied under the guidance of Dr. William Roll, a notable American psychologist and parapsychologist.

Dr. Roll, known for his work on poltergeists and appearances on Unsolved Mysteries, played a pivotal role in introducing Allan to contacts in the entertainment industry. This connection ultimately paved the way for her role in The Dead Files. Beyond her television career, Allan has worked as a consultant for TLC and CBS. Her diverse interests include the study of alternative healing practices such as Asian medicine, Zen Shiatsu, and Thai yoga massage.

Amy Allan's Journey: From Arvada to Paranormal Investigations

Distinguishing Mediumship from Psychic Abilities:

In an interview for The Travel Channel, Allan emphasized the distinction between a medium and a psychic. A medium, she explained, exclusively works with the deceased, while a psychic may have various abilities, such as being a “psychic knower” who possesses insights into the past, present, and possible future. 

The Dead Files: A Unique Investigative Approach

In The Dead Files, Allan’s role is distinct from her co-star DiSchiavi. While he focuses on investigative procedures and facts, Allan taps into her mediumship abilities to communicate with spirits and uncover the hidden stories behind each location.  The show unfolds as an investigative procedural with a supernatural twist, providing viewers with a captivating blend of paranormal exploration and factual investigation. 

Despite her abilities as a medium, Allan faces skepticism, especially regarding her approach of beginning each case without prior knowledge. Critics argue that this makes it challenging for audiences to trust their instincts. In contrast, DiSchiavi’s background as a former NYPD homicide detective lends a sense of credibility to the show’s investigative process.


In conclusion, Amy Allan’s journey from a small town to paranormal investigations on national television showcases her unique abilities as a medium. The Dead Files continues to captivate audiences with its distinctive approach to exploring the supernatural, and Allan’s role adds a compelling dimension to the world of paranormal reality TV.

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